During the autumn of 2014, I was working at Elle Magazine at the time and I found myself in somewhat of a moral crisis “Surely there must be designers out there who create beautiful clothing and deeply care about how their work impacts on the world?” I have been in love with fashion from a very early age. Dressing up my friends was my favourite game by the age of four, sneaking secretly through my mum’s wardrobe and spending hours getting lost in the dress-up box full of old clothes and costumes that my parents had collected for me. Later on at high school I experimented wildly with any available styles of 90’s subculture and became the queen of thrift stores. Eventually I turned my passion for cool clothing into styling and art directing fashion editorials and working for magazines. Up until today it is still my dream job but at some point something did change. I can still recall quite clearly how in the past I never made a connection between clothing as being part of and having an impact on the natural world, on animals and on humans. I just saw them as something beautiful, sublime, something that I could be playful with and that filled my life with joy. Something that somehow transcended the everyday and wasn’t of this world.

I am not entirely sure what eventually changed my perception. Maybe it was the rise of the Slow Food movement, maybe it was the collapsing factory building of Rana Plaza, maybe it was just a series of events and varying conversations with friends. I slowly started to grasp the vastly negative impact of the fashion industry and learned that today, fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry after oil. Most fashion companies produce in countries where the prices are the lowest and where workers’ rights and environmental standards are the least protected. Never before in history has fashion been so cheap, so fast-paced, and so disposable. And that's how this platform came about - at some point I knew that I wanted to create change and that I wanted to show that buying fast is not our only option. I started Lissome as a bridge to connect conscious fashion lovers with fashion brands that neither compromise on the high-quality of their designs nor on their integrity and values.

There are many and diverse ways of acquiring beautiful clothing, from buying vintage to buying from independent designers to leasing clothes, and we created a guide for you that lists our best tips for shopping fashion mindfully. In our series Studio Visions, we personally meet fashion designers and makers, we look behind the scenes and provide you with insights into how they work. We talk to industry experts and share their knowledge through interviews and articles in Maven Mode. We showcase great fashion in our Fashion Editorials and Top Lists, share with you our latest Brands To Know and advise you on how to dress with care, esteem and great style.

I hope you will join us!


Dörte, photographed by Bella Fenning.

Dörte, photographed by Bella Fenning.

I am a member of the Ethical Writers Coalition, a group of journalists, writers and bloggers who seek to support and nurture mindful fashion and living online and in print. Find out more here.