In A Man’s World

We know of the power of clothing to shield and protect, and in times, we have welcomed the use of clothing as a “Cloak of Invisibility”, working its magic. Nonetheless, we are filled with hope that we are moving towards a more inclusive future in which protection is less needed and we can dress freely and in accordance with our own comfort and creativity.

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Dörte LangeEditorial
The Power of Perception: How people Berlin Challenges our Idea of a Social Fashion Project

Whether we like it or not, fashion creates stereotypes in our minds, a certain lifestyle we want to participate in. But fashion also has the power to break those patterns. People BERLIN plays with this mechanism and reverses it in many ways: While the fourth collection of the fashion brand based in the German capital is about to be launched, hardly anyone knows the faces behind the label.

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Stories within Stitches: Conversations with Anne Schwalbe and Ayumi Paul

Anne Schwalbe and Ayumi Paul are two Berlin-based multidisciplinary artists whose work using hand-sewn textiles reflect their respective interest in the transformation of fabrics, of experiences. With distinct points of view, both women use their unique garments as methods of exploring seemingly duelling ideas: creation and mending, tangibility and ephemerality, timelessness and ageing.

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PeopleDörte LangeComment
The Beauty of Decay and Rebirth

As the old year draws to a close, winter’s hushed existence and the coinciding, barren nature tell their own tale of a seeming absence of life and a state of transition. For our latest fashion story, we collaborated with selected designers whose work comprises forms of conservation, ephemerality, nature-driven production methods and antique fabrics.

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