What We’ve Loved This Month

The change of seasons is always a good reminder that we need to nourish ourselves. Especially so in autumn, when the weather is turning colder, wetter and more challenging. And this is why we came up with the idea to put together a list of inspiration to nurture heart, mind, and soul, that we would like to share with you.

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‘Papermoon’ puts a natural resource into the spotlight that dates back to ancient Egypt and the Babylonian Gardens. Shot in one of Berlin’s oldest bookbinderies, this story is an ode to craftsmanship and the timeless beauty of the handbound book. Linen and delicate cotton are reinterpreted, folded, and layered and create beautiful structures in colour shades of cream.

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Dörte LangeComment
Laura By The Lake

A mild breeze on the skin. A faint motion on the surface of the water. The distant sound of rustling trees. Nothing to distract. Just rays of sunshine, painting shadows on the forest floor. Swans passing by in the distance. A dragonfly up close. The fleeting smell of grass, and fir cones and sand. And cooling water. This beauty editorial captures the everyday magic of a day spent by the lake.

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'Raw Beauty': All About Fragrance

In the third chapter of our “Raw Beauty” series, green beauty maven and London-based make-up artist Khandiz Joni shines a light on fragrance and gives you guidance on how to choose safe products and brands. And we have a little surprise for you - you can win a delicious scent by natural fragrance brand Abel - enjoy!

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Clean BeautyDörte Lange
The Wisdom Of Natural Dye: Q+A With Özge Horasan of Sat-su-ma

Have you ever wanted to find out more about natural dyes? I have! So when I got introduced to the plant-dyed organic clothing line Sat-su-ma, I used my chance and asked label founder Özge Horasan everything that I had ever wanted to know. And I was lucky as Özge is an expert in her field. Before she started her own clothing brand, she studied botany in Ankara.

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