Suzanne Rae


Suzanne Rae’s S/S 16 collection starts of with a manifesto in form of a poem. “I’m not your seductress” makes clear from the start who Suzanne Rae is designing for - progressive women who dress for their own joy and not the gaze of others. Her modern feminine shapes are underlined by feminist philosophy: Rae’s clothing is minimalist and functional and she combines it with splashes of radiant colour and novel fabrications such as a white Italian jacquard patterned all over with burnout blooms. Loose silhouettes meet body-hugging ribbed-knits and her use of innovative, sustainable materials (such as recycled polyesters and nylons) make for outfits that are comfortable and healthy to our unique bodies.

Suzanne Rae is consciously building her brand on social awareness and sustainability. Her garments are produced in New York City’s Garment District and by producing locally she can guarantee the payment of proper wages, offer fair working hours and a good work environment. And in addition, local production reduces energy consumption and helps an entire small-scale economy of local manufacturers, makers and businesses to survive and prosper. Currently Suzanne Rae's clothing is available at Oroboro Store (NYC), Kickpleat (Austin) and Nonna (Los Angeles).

I’m not your seductress.
Fitted silhouettes if I choose.
Bias cuts that conform
to my unique body.
Bright colors that may
shock you, and if I’m lucky,
deflect your presumptuous gaze.
Visit the Suzanne Rae's website for further information     here     and follow her on Instagram     @suzanneraebk

Visit the Suzanne Rae's website for further information here and follow her on Instagram @suzanneraebk