Our Favourite Sustainable Fashion Brands From Denmark




Denmark is not only world-famous for its great design tradition, it is also a country that is leading in terms of social and environmental mindfulness. The following Danish fashion brands proof that a high sense of aesthetics, fashion-forwardness and responsible production methods can perfectly complement one another. Get to know our nordic heroes!




Ethical + Fair | Sustainable Materials | Eco-friendly Production

Danish fashion brand Fonnesbech is built upon a century-long heritage that started in 1847 when Anders Fonnesbech opened his eponymous shop in Copenhagen. What initially began as a store for high-quality fabrics, textiles and garters, evolved into a high-end fashion house that produced its own collections of garments and accessories up until the 1970’s. The re-launch of Fonnesbech in 2015 follows this legacy. Fonnesbech offers sophisticated clothing for professional women. The brand’s timeless garments are designed for a well-curated wardrobe that focuses on fewer items of high-quality and versatility. Fonnesbech uses GOTS and Oeko-tex certified organic textiles, and certified recycled polyester fabrics by Newlifemade from post-consumer plastic bottles. All manufacturing is conducted in the European Union, following EU legislation regarding minimum wage, working conditions, and environmental standards.

Find out more about Fonnesbech here.


Armoire Officielle

Ethical + Fair | Sustainable Materials

Armoire Officielle was established in Copenhagen in 2012, following the principles of slow fashion in terms of focusing on long-lasting items that are relevant regardless of trends. The brand strives for mono-materiality and works with organic cotton, merino wool, Tencel, and linen. 



Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Ethical + Fair | Sustainable Materials

Mark Kenly Domino Tan launched his namesake brand in 2012 and won the Danish Crown Prince Couple’s Stardust Prize for his artistic achievement and a clear commitment to responsible fashion. His midcentury silhouettes are made of organic and recycled materials and are manufactured locally. 

Find out more about Mark Kenly Domino Tan here.

By Signe 2.jpg
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By Signe

Ethical + Fair | Sustainable Materials | Local Production

By Signe is an emerging brand that started out in 2015 and focuses on feminine easy wear. All fabrics are organic and GOTS and Oeko-tex-certified. By Signe’s entire design and production process is gathered under one roof in their studio in Frederikshavn. Through their in-house production, the brand ensures absolute ethical security in a non-discriminating, healthy, safe and positive environment.

Find out more about By Signe here.



Ethical + Fair | Sustainable Materials | Eco-friendly production methods

Mindful fashion pioneers Aiayu set off in 2004 with the idea to create sustainable knitwear in a superior quality for people and planet. In 2006 they launched their first collection made by artisanal communities using luxurious and formerly little-known llama fibre. Today they produce in countries such as Bolivia, India, and Nepal and create garments made of the highest quality cashmere, yak wool and GOTS certified cotton. 

Find out more about Aiayu here.


Maja Brix

Ethical + Fair | Sustainable Materials | Local Production

Maja Brix specialises in made-to-measure suits that are produced by a tailor in Copenhagen within a month from ordering. The fabrics used are GOTS certified organic cotton and sustainable haberdashery such as recycled plastic zippers. Special requests on fabric and colors are welcome. 

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