Editorial: Long Timeless SUMMER


When a first heatwave slows down time and we hope that summer will last forever.
This editorial features glossy skin, easy attire and light textures by Martine Jarlgaard London, Kowtow, KM by Lange and Hund Hund with jewellery by Quite Quiet.




Marcus Paarmann

Sophia Schwan

Hair & Makeup
Berenice Ammann

Melinda Szepesi @ Core

From top to bottom, left to right:
Earrings: Quite Quiet

Sandals: KM by LANGE
Top and trousers: Martine Jarlgaard London
Earrings and rings: Quite Quiet

Earrings, rings and bracelet: Quite Quiet
'Frozen Dress': Martine Jarlgaard London

Silk cotton top and trousers: Martine Jarlgaard London
Earring and ring: Quite Quiet

V-neck cotton dress: Kowtow
Earring: Quite Quiet

Sleeveless top: Hund Hund
Striped trousers: KM by LANGE
Earrings, bracelet: Quite Quiet

Gauze dress: KM by LANGE
Earring: Quite Quiet

Striped blue shirt: Hund Hund
White classic shirt: Kowtow
Earrings: Quite Quiet

Gauze Dress: KM by LANGE
Earring, rings: Quite Quiet

Dörte Lange