LANA: A Video Poem by Lana Siberie

Lana Siberie are presenting their SS17 collection in form of a video poem, unraveling the concept behind this year’s spring-summer season through the use of cinematic storytelling. Inspired by a poem of Marlo Saalmink, the narrative is told by a girl (the voice of British actress Lauren McCrostie), who came from, what seems, a different planet, to a place known for one special quality: It is a place where one can easily find love – simply by asking for it. 


POEM x LANA SIBERIE by Marlo Saalmink

Stop watching you. Start regarding me.
Are we that different.

They are here. The whispers upon the nape of your neck
Stroke. Stroked
A horn resonates faintly in the distance.
What do you say.

To some soul seeking semantics.
There is nothing left but touch. Forget what you knew.
They hear you too.

Now. Pierce your willful eyes.
A song of you. Infinite collages of us.
Over-time. Surpassing the omega.
Excavating urbanites.

The grass sways slowly. The wind its faithful compatriot
Ever present. Ready to become one.
Is it you or me.
Synergy in this forlorn unity.

They hear you too.
Always. Without trepidation.
Wonder, always question. Touch.
My dearest tangible observer...



Swaga Pushna

Voice Over
Lauren McCrostie

Designer & Model
Iulia Filipovscaia

Katya Chitova

Music & Sound Design
Patrick Burniston (String & Tins)

Film & More

Lana Siberie