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Why is it that so often we feel uncomfortable in the shapes of our bodies? According to a study by Refinery29, only 2% of the women who participated in the study were completely happy with their bodies. 69% of women have felt judged based on their bodies, and 65% say that someone made a first critique of their body before they turned 14. In the UK, more than half of girls feel restrained by gender stereotyping, with children as young as seven believing they are valued more for their appearance than for their achievements or character. 

In The Beauty Myth, feminist activist and author Naomi Wolf examines how attractiveness functions as both a metaphor for and a mandate over women’s lives. She highlights how the pressure women feel to conform to unrealistic social standards of physical beauty has grown stronger because of commercial influences on the mass media, and how this pressure inhibits women from acting freely and being effective in society. To break free, Naomi Wolf advocates that women must have “the choice to do whatever we want with our faces and bodies without being punished by an ideology that is using attitudes, economic pressure, and even legal judgments … to undermine us psychologically and politically”.

56% of the women interviewed by Refinery29 said that seeing body diversity in the media made them feel better about themselves. At Lissome we believe that there are no right or wrong body types. We come in all shapes and sizes — and in their diversity, we witness the beauty of creation. Our bodies are our temporary sanctuaries and they allow us to have manifold talents, aspirations, and abilities that go beyond mere shape. The following beauty story is a celebration of our shapes, and the forms we find in nature.

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Anna Rosa Krau @ Klaus Stiegemeyer

Styling & Art Direction:
Dörte Lange

Hair & Makeup:
Patricia Heck

Esme Ham @lemanagement
Esmée Logghe @Mihamodelmanagement

Credits Beauty:

Haeckels, Exfoliating Seewald Block + Seaweed Bath

L:A Bruket, Detox Seaweed Tonic + Fotskrubb

Lovely Day, Beach House Refreshing Body Scent + Mermaid After Sun Spray

Tromborg, Deluxe Sun Protection, SPF 30 + Aroma Therapy Body Oil Ylang Ylang

NUORI, Supreme Moisture Mask

Marion Garz, Gelbes Shampoo

INARI, Midsummer Magic, Lifting Serum + Water Cream

Lagona, Rhassoul Clay Powder

Credits Fashion:

Page One: Blankets by Aiayu, boxers by Organic Basics

Page Five: Blankets by Aiayu, brief by Organic Basics

Page Six: Shawl by Maria Morgana

Page Seven: Overall by Marrakshi Life

Page Eight: Bra by Organic Basics, overall by Marrakshi Life

Page Ten: Shawl by Maria Morgana

Page Eleven: Trousers by Hund Hund

Page Twelve: Blankets by Aiayu

Page Fourteen: Shoes by KM by Lange, boxers by Organic Basics, blanket by Aiayu