Spirit of Nature

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“Once we have freed ourselves from the prejudice that we have to refer to concepts of external experience or to a priori categories of reason, we can turn our attention and curiosity wholly to that strange and unknown thing we call spirit.”

Carl Gustav Jung, Spirit and Life; Photography by Renee Bevan

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Lillian Charlotte @ MuseNYC

Renee Bevan

Paige Melkerson

Mika Shimoda

Tomoko Kuwamura

Stylist Assistant
John Meredith


Spread 1: Mozh Mozh skirt, Caron Callahan sweater

Spread 2: Caron Callahan sweater and top (left); Mozh Mozh skirt

Spread 3: Fragmentario dress (left); Suzanne Rae coat, pants and shoes

Spread 5: Nicholas K pants (left); Mozh Mozh skirt, Caron Callahan sweater

Spread 6: striped Irwin Garden dress, Fragmentario dress (left); Ply Knits turtleneck, white Eleven Six sweater, Suzanne Rae jacket and shoes, Caron Callahan pants

Spread 7: Nicholas K dress

Spread 8: Mara Hoffman dress, Nicholas K dress

Spread 9: Suzanne Rae coat