Fashion Stories: A Transparent Shade Of Blue

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Photography by Annelie Bruijn and styling by Giedre Malinauskaite

Who doesn’t love denim? Ever since the 19th century, the sturdy cotton fabric has been in high demand and today, denim is the world’s most used textile. But it’s a love that comes with a price, as the environmental impact of denim is challenging.

There are three major ecological issues: water, energy and chemicals. Cotton is one of the thirstiest plants, and the water needed to make one shirt and a pair of jeans amounts to 10,000 to 20,000 litres. In addition, the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic chemical dyes in the production process causes water and soil pollution and presents a severe health risk for workers.

So is there a sustainable approach to denim? This year, G Star Raw has led the way by launching the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold G-Star denim fabric and their most sustainable jeans yet. And they have made every part of their new denim fabric open source. Another aspect that is key to remember: The environmental impact of a product continues throughout its entire lifecycle. Therefore, your contribution is also important and here are some easy and planet-friendly washing instructions that you can follow. Wash your jeans at a low temperature and only when really needed, mend them or have them repaired, and avoid waste and landfill by recycling them or giving them to a friend. Some brands such as Nudie Jeans offer a life-long repair service or work with recycled denim such as E.L.V. Denim


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Annelie Bruijn @visionary

Giedre Malinauskaite

Hair & Makeup
Sanne Le Gras-Bleeker @Eric Elenbaas

Nina @Paparazzi models 



Page 1
Denim shirt by Armedangels

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Left: Shirt by Kings of Indigo, Jeans by Nudie Jeans via,
Belt by Matt & Nat via, right: Corduroy jacket and pants by M.i.h Jeans

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Denim dress by Armedangels

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Blouse by M.i.h Jeans, Dungarees by Kings of Indigo via

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Turtleneck by So good to wear, Shorts by M.i.h Jeans

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Woolen vest with fringes by M.i.h Jeans, Jeans by Kings of Indigo
Dress by Horror Vacui, Jeans by Kings of Indigo 

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Corduroy jacket and pants by M.i.h Jeans