The Dog Days Of Summer

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The dog days refer to the dog star, Sirius, and its position in the heavens. Following Sirius’ annual rise, they are the hottest and most sultry days of summer. Historically, Greek and Roman astrologers referred to the dog days as a period that could bring fever and madness. This year, they ran wild across the globe, trailing wildfires and record-breaking temperatures, and much of the world was in their grip for weeks on end. The dog days are over for now. What stays is that climate change is no longer a two-way debate.

Photography by Anna Rosa Krau, Styling by Sophia Schwan

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Further Reading

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Anna Rosa Krau @ Klaus Stiegemeyer

Sophia Schwan @ Klaus Stiegemeyer

Hair & Makeup:
Anna Neugebauer @ Bigoudi

Nora Lony @ Model Management
Julia Necker @ MD Management


Page One – Swimsuits by Wet The Label
Page Two – Sweater by Ade Velkon, Underwear by Grüne Erde
Page Three – Jacket by Renli Su, Swimsuit by Wet The Label
Page Four – Swimsuit by Wet The Label; Dress by In-Grid
Page Five – Jacket by Renli Su; On Julia (left): Dress by KM by Lange, hat vintage;
On Nora (right): Dress by In-Grid, hat vintage
Page Six – On Nora (left): Dress by In-Grid; On Julia (right): Dress by KM by Lange
Page Seven – Swimsuit by Wet The Label; Slip Dress by Maria Morgana
Page Eight – Underwear by Grüne Erde
Page Nine – Blouse by Claudia Bertini, Knitted skirt by Luna Del Pinal;
On Nora: Dress by Renli Su, On Julia: Blouse by Claudia Bertini, Knitted Skirt by Luna Del Pinal
Page Ten – Shirts by Blanche Jeans, Jeans by Blanche Jeans (left) and King’s of Indigo (right), Vintage Converse; louse by Claudia Bertini, Skirt by Luna Del Pinal