Mar By The Sea: Introducing Suel Store

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Suel [swel] is inspired by the ocean: A regular movement and motion of the sea in rolling waves that do not break. Understanding that a small wave can create a larger ripple, small things can create large impact in our lives.

The new London-based online store Suel, which launched this week, offers a precious collection of clothing and household items, made with great care and skillful craftsmanship by master artisans and artists. It was created in collaboration with Studio Faculty and Lissome Studio.

Build on the believe that every object is infused with a story of its own past, as well as the stories of its makers and designers, Suel is interested in the intentional design of thoughtfully-crafted objects, traditional techniques, and genuine sustainability through collaboration with local ateliers and ethical production of environmentally-conscious materials. At Suel, you find objects of deep beauty whose stories will live on with you.

‘Mar by the Sea’, photographed by Silvia Conde with styling by Claire O'Keefe.
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Silvia Conde

Claire O'Keefe

Art Direction
Dörte de Jesus @Lissome Magazine

Mar Blanco


All clothing by Cortana and Matka via Suel Store.

Visit Suel Store online and follow them on Instagram.