Grandma Taught Me How To Knit

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Our latest fashion story celebrates one of the oldest forms of textile creation with unparalleled sentimental value: knitting.

Words by Sophia Schwan

As we slowly bid summer farewell and face windier and greyer days, it is these handmade creations whose fibres are intertwined with gentle love notes that keep us warm. Natural fibres, as well as ethical sourcing and production, define the featured brands. Their modern take on this ancient craft is mirrored in a clean yet playful editorial photographed by Magnus Lechner and styled by Kira März. So if you feel inspired to take up knitting yourself or simply want to learn more about responsible wool, the references below are for you.

Fibre Briefing: Wool by Common Objective
Information about the Responsible Wool Standard
Knitting Tutorials by Wool And The Gang
Source ethical and eco-friendly yarns via Knit With Attitude or Sandermann

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Magnus Lechner

Kira März

Vroni Eder

Soso Korell @Girlsclubmanagement


Page 1: Sweater by Sol Ferrándiz, silk pants with knitted belt by Dior Vintage
Page 2: Cashmere long and short tops by So Good To Wear
Page 3: Hand-knitted jumper by Le Kilt, panties by Prada Vintage
Page 4: Left: Knit body by Sol Ferrándiz, white fishnet tights by Swedish Stockings, shoes by Bevza; right: turtleneck sweater by Bevza, scarf piece worn as top by Le Kilt, striped pants by Moschino Vintage, shoes by Aeyde
Page 5: Left: Jumpsuit by Sol Ferrándiz, jersey jacket by Luna del Pinal; centre: hand-knitted sweater by Working Title Studios, knit dress by Belize, socks and shoes by Bevza; right: sleeveless knit sweater by Prada Vintage, knit body by Sol Ferrándiz, white fishnet tights by Swedish Stockings, shoes by Bevza
Page 6: Left: Hand-knitted jumper by Le Kilt; right: turtleneck knit dress by Áeron, long black dress by Vintage