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Stories within Stitches: Conversations with Anne Schwalbe and Ayumi Paul

Anne Schwalbe and Ayumi Paul are two Berlin-based multidisciplinary artists whose work using hand-sewn textiles reflect their respective interest in the transformation of fabrics, of experiences. With distinct points of view, both women use their unique garments as methods of exploring seemingly duelling ideas: creation and mending, tangibility and ephemerality, timelessness and ageing.

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A Conversation with Rahua founder Fabian Lliguin about Hair, Supporting Indigenous Rights, and the Power of Nature

Fabian Lliguin and partner Anna Ayers founded Rahua with a simple goal in mind: create all-natural hair products that achieve better results than their synthetic counterparts while empowering indigenous communities of the Amazon and preserving the future of the rainforest.

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A Conversation With Claudy Jongstra About Her Holistic View On Art And Life

Dutch artist Claudy Jongstra is most widely known for her tapestries and large-scale architectural installations created with the ancient technique of felting. Her work is founded on strong ethical values, an advocacy for biodiversity and the preservation of a natural and cultural heritage.

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