Our Favourite Portuguese Slow Fashion Brands

They produce locally and nurture the traditional artisanal techniques and craftsmanship of their native country. Get to know our favourite Portuguese designer brands that are reviving an industry of small-scale manufacturing whilst carefully creating beautiful objects and garments.




HIBU was founded in 2012 by newly graduated Marta Gonçalves, who was soon joined by Gonçalo Páscoa. The Lisbon based design duo share the belief that gender is not relevant in the creation of a garment. All of their de-constructed unisex looks are handmade by Portuguese seamstresses and the fabrics are sourced from Portuguese mills.




Reality Studio 

Reality Studio is a slow fashion brand based in Porto, designing contemporary clothing  of high quality. Designer Svenja Specht started up some years ago in Berlin but recently moved to be closer to her Portuguese manufacturers. Her interest in genuine craftsmanship and longevity makes her question fast fashion trends and mass production methods.



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Coração Alecrim

Rita Dixo and Filipa Alves run the one-of-a-kind concept store and clothing label of the same name. They are great curators of all things beautiful
and strongly believe in local and artisanal production. Their clothing is made locally in small runs in nearby Matosinhos with deadstock fabrics
sourced from Portuguese factories.






Camelotia is a Porto based knitting apparel brand created by Raquel Silva and João Gennebra. The two designers create unique pieces in
their home studio, carefully handcrafted on a knitting machine. All yarns
are locally sourced in Portugal.



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SUL bags are designed as long-lasting items to get passed on through generations. They are handmade by artisans and manufactured in small editions. All leathers used are naturally tanned and they age beautifully through touch, sun and rain.





GUR works in partnership with artisan weavers and collaborates with contemporary artists to create traditional kitchen rugs of new and unique designs. All GUR rugs are handmade in a traditional handloom and
come in limited editions of 50 pieces.




Toino Abel

Nuno Henriques set up "Toino Abel" in 2010, with the aim to revive the production of hand-crafted reed baskets, an endangered heritage craft of  Portugal. Lissome met him in his workspace in the small village of Castanheira, you can read the interview here.