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A Wakening: Why We’ve Decided To Go Into Print

Lissome is a passion project, and what started as a one person exploration, has slowly and organically grown into a self-funded, independent publication, created by a dedicated all-women team of volunteers here in Berlin, as well as a wider, international community of writers, photographers, and stylists. Our intention to go into print originates from a strong wish to chronicle this important moment in time, and to be a catalyst for a thoughtful kind of transformation.

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“We Need An Entire Consciousness Upgrade”

On Saturday, April 27th, 2019, Slow Factory hosted “Study Hall: Sustainability as a Culture”, the fourth part of its captivating conference series on sustainability in fashion. Following swiftly after a successful partnership with the United Nations in February, the first international edition was held in London at Central Saint Martins and organised in collaboration with Fashion Revolution.

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Collaboration is Leading the Way at the 2018 Copenhagen Fashion Summit

After attending this year’s summit, the words of EU commissioner for competition, Margarethe Vestager, still linger: “It’s no longer a lonely endeavour, it’s a collective endeavour”.

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