Our Mission

LISSOME is an international online magazine and creative agency based in Berlin, that shares wisdom and insights about a progressive and ethical approach to fashion and lifestyle. Since its launch in spring 2016, it has elevated the notion of sustainability in fashion with its high-quality fashion photography and writing, celebrating the unity of aesthetics and purpose. 

Self-knowledge is what guides us at Lissome and we believe it guides our community, too. We understand that being aware of ourselves and, as a consequence, of what surrounds us will lead us to make choices that positively impact the world. Aesthetics and good design (that is equally functional, responsible, and beautiful) play an important part in this process as they can teach us about paying attention, being mindful in the moment and cultivating skillfulness over time.

Every week, we inspire thousands of readers with our carefully curated, original content that ranges from in-depth interviews to elaborate fashion editorials to insightful brand features and travel reports. We celebrate the groundbreaking work of innovative designers, artisans and sustainability pioneers, shine a light on how to make responsible choices, and work towards an inclusive and diverse future of fashion that makes us thrive as human beings.

Dörte Lange, Founder & Creative Director