Lana Siberie Wood Dress

Lana Siberie Wood Dress


90% hand-knitted vintage linen yarn and 10% vintage handwoven dark linen. In this one-of-a-kind piece, the old handmade work meets the new and here is why: Knitted by Lana herself from vintage linen yarn in loose knit the main part of the dress joins the darker vintage handwoven linen with a playful whirl on the bottom. 

Size & Fit Information:
One size only. Recommended for S-M.

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Fashion Editorial 'A Peculiar Flower'
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London-based designer label Lana Siberie craft a unique range of raw essence items from vintage, handmade and natural, mostly plant-based materials. All of Lana Siberie’s clothes are made with reverence and commitment; consideration for the ecology and desire to align ourselves to the respectful and authentic symbiosis of man and his habitat - nature.

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