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Braided Veg-Tan Leather Belt in Natural, Honey Tan, Red Earth, Brown Chestnut / Hyde Wares

Price: €85.00 (price includes EU-shipping and VAT)

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Fair + Ethical / Eco-friendly Production / Local / Artisanal

The belt is hand-crafted by Jonathan Hyde of Hyde Wares and made from thick, full grain vegetable tanned leather. It is designed to last a lifetime. 

The Mystery Braid technique means that the leather is fixed at both ends with the leather braided in 3 strips the entire length, it cannot come undone. Belts are hand cut from the hide, assembled with hand-sewn keeper and solid rivets, burnished to form smooth edges and finally sealed with beeswax to add a durable waterproof layer.

The belt measures 110cm, from where the buckle meets the leather till belt tip.

One size only. Because the entire belt is braided, there are no traditional notches to secure the belt. Instead, you can adjust the fitting easily through any part of the braided end. This belt would fit waists up to 91,5 cm.

Production & Shipping:
This item is made to order. Please allow up to a week for production. 

The item is shipped via the Royal Mail with their 'Track & Trace service'. You will receive a unique tracking number through which you can check the progress of delivery.


What is Veg Tan Leather?
The ancient craft of naturally tanning leather is complex and fascinating. Only natural materials such as leaves and husks are used to dye the leather, after which, each hide is hung for several weeks. This is compared to the globally dominant method of Chromium tanning, which reduces the process to a mere few days. Whilst certainly time-effective, Chromium tanning is very harmful to the environment, our waterways and oceans due to the vast use of chemicals in this process.

Apart from this being an ethical choice, it’s very much aesthetic and practical – veg-tan leather is beautiful, often displaying the history of life through scars and imperfections. The material will develop a wonderful patina unique to each owner and after years become a treasured object.

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