Events & Workshops

At Lissome, we host events to connect a supportive community of fashion enthusiasts, designers, and industry experts to foster new mindful and transparent ways of working and collaborating with each other.

In 2016, we created the event series Threads: Rethinking Fashion, in collaboration with the Impact Hub and Ashoka Changemakers, that brought together more than 270 participants in three events and 15 different organisations supporting us as speakers, exhibitors and contributors, and we launched the London-based Mindful Fashion Meetup Group

For 2017, we are excited to be hosting a variety of events throughout the year (watch this space!).


Launch Event

25 April, 2017

Next week is Fashion Revolution Week and we've prepared a get-together: Join us for the launch of OPEN.MODE – a call to action for a mindful and transparent fashion industry. Open.Mode is co-created by Lissome, A Transparent Company Higher& JHConsuting



25 OCTOBER 2016

During this event, we explore ways how to empower consumers to shift toward a more conscious consumption model. Topics will include recycling, clothes rental, sustainable e-commerce, marketing and branding, and in general practices that enable us, as consumers, to reduce our consumption impact.


Launch Event

24 AUGUST 2016

What is your interest in sustainable fashion? How do you apply it in your daily work/life? In this meetup, you can meet other like-minded brands, entrepreneurs, and organisations who are based in London. At this initial date, we will have time to introduce ourselves, share our views, discuss experiences and network.