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Raise Your Vibration


A Worth Partnership Project by Lissome / Barrett & Jarvis:

Personalised Jewellery Pieces that Mark Meaningful Moments in Time

The proposal of our project is to design and manufacture a personalised capsule collection of ethically made jewellery pieces. Our initial inspiration started with the concept of self-actualisation, a term for human self-exploration, self-reflection and personal development used in various psychology theories.

Our aim is to create deeply personal and meaningful pieces of jewellery.
For our customers, the ethically made jewellery pieces will serve as a subtle reminder of and a connection with their individual experience and purpose in relation to life and the natural world.


The Meaning of Jewellery

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The earliest known jewellery was created by Neanderthal living in Europe and have been found dating to 115,000 years ago in a cave along the southeast coast of Spain.

For thousands of years, humans have used items of jewellery as:

Adornments to enhance personal beauty.
Symbols of personal meaning, marking a rite of passage or special moment in time.
Charms providing talismanic protection.

Today, gifting jewellery is commonly perceived as a sign of affection.

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Every human’s voice is unique, as is every human’s experience and purpose.

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Every human’s voice is unique in itself, just like their fingerprints or the patterns of their iris. In order to create jewellery pieces that are both personal and meaningful, we’ve developed the idea to work with the human voice and its sound waves.

We are going to work with the individual sound files of our users and transform their recorded memories and profound thoughts and realisations into personalised jewellery, transmitted through their voice.


We’ve developed the idea to work with the human voice and its sound waves and transform recorded memories into personalised jewellery.

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The Process:
Design, Technology, and Craftsmanship

Our collection will capture human voice data and translate them digitally to create unique and beautiful forms in 3D CAD models.

We will do this using a variety of sound capture software programs along with 3D computer modelling software such as Rhino3D and parametric plugins such as grasshopper.

The 3D forms created will then be able to be 3D printed in wax to create patterns for traditional lost-wax casting methods. Using this technology also allows for custom personalised pieces made to fit each individual perfectly.


Sound Recording

Users will send us their recorded memories, thoughts and realisations.

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Digital Visualisation of Sound Files


Mood Board

An exploration of turning sound files into poetic pieces of jewellery through algorythmic translation and modification:

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Sustainable production is at the core of our proposal:

Ethical and Fair Trade

Ethical and Fair Trade

Eco-friendly Production

Eco-friendly Production

Circular Through Recycling

Circular Through Recycling

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Creating a Sustainable
Supply Chain

Sustainable production is at the core of our proposal, and our project will include the implementation of a sustainable supply chain. For this, we will focus on working with recycled precious metals.

We are going to explore our best sourcing options with the help of environmental organisations such as Ethical Metalsmiths, sustainable sourcing platforms such as Sourcebook and Common Objective, sustainable jewellery advocates such as Ute Decker of Ethical Making, and fellow sustainable jewellery designers.

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Team Skills

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Dörte Lange / Lissome
Creative Direction

Dörte will lead the creative direction of the jewellery designs, and develop the visual identity and storytelling of the new jewellery brand. In collaboration with Barrett & Jarvis, she will research and implement a sustainable supply chain for the production. Dörte has over 10 years’ experience as an art director and communication designer.

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Paolo de Jesus / Lissome
Production Management

Paolo will manage the technical production of the project, translating the concepts and ideas into realisable designs and making sure that the jewellery is successful in achieving the quality desired.  He has over 15 years’ experience as a furniture/product designer, developer, and production manager.


Barrett & Jarvis

Integral to this project is the partnering up with a high-quality jewellery foundry, and with Barrett & Jarvis we have found a great partner. Garry Barrett and Rodger Jarvis started their foundry 40 years ago in Kent and have worked with world-renowned designers and artists to well known retailers and galleries.


Our target market are mindful millennials between the age of 25 to 35plus:

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A Jewellery Brand for Mindful Millennials

Our target audience builds upon Lissome’s already existing audience base of mindful millennials — curious, cultured, and caring individuals between the age of 25 to 35plus.

Millennials are digital natives and have known it all their lives. According to the Strauss–Howe generational theory, they are a “civic-minded” generation with a strong sense of community both local and global and a deep desire to make the world a better place.


We are going to develop a capsule collection of 3-5 jewellery pieces, and the visual brand identity and online shop for our new brand.

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The Expected Project Outcome:

A capsule collection of 3-5 jewellery pieces,
designed to be personalised (necklace, bracelet, earrings),
sustainably produced and made to order.

A brand identity for our new jewellery label, including
a storytelling concept and photo campaign for our capsule collection
and an online shop to sell directly to our audience.

What makes our project stand out:

An innovative blend of digital technology and traditional craftsmanship:
personalisation through algorhytmic modelling and lost-wax casting.

A strong design concept conveyed through meaningful storytelling and a high aesthetic value of jewellery pieces and visual brand identity.

A responsible production process through developing a sustainable supply chain.


“By working with the human voice and its sound waves, we will transform recorded memories into personalised, poetic, and mindfully-made pieces of jewellery.”

Lissome and Barrett & Jarvis