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Raise Your Vibration:

Ethical Talismans for the Anthropocene 

Many of us know that Mother Earth needs us now more than ever. Climate change is real: Species of animals are becoming extinct at record level, land is being dug up for the purpose of profit, islands are sinking, forests are disappearing.

More people than ever are acting to protect our planet, humanity is evolving and figuring out how to unify globally after centuries of separation. We understand that in pursuit for harmony with our planet, we must extend the pursuit for harmony with each other and within ourselves. In order to help and heal Mother Earth, we must collectively raise our vibration to meet hers. Feeling good is what raises our vibration. Feeling good arises from living in alignment with our values and purpose.

Influenced by the concept of self-actualisation, our collection of mindful jewellery pieces seeks to embody and symbolise these values through forms and shapes, story telling, and mindful production. By designing a jewellery brand under the auspices of Lissome, we hope to offer people symbols of sanctuary in uncertain times and tools on their path to aligning with their soul’s desires, whilst promoting change that leads to responsible production and supply chain transparency.



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Self Actualisation

Self-actualisation is what guides us at Lissome and we believe it guides our community, too. We understand that being aware of ourselves and, as a consequence, of what surrounds us will lead us to make choices that positively impact the world. Aesthetics and good design (that is equally functional, responsible, and beautiful) play an important part in this process as they can teach us about paying attention, being mindful in the moment and cultivating skillfulness over time.

Our collection of jewellery is inspired by the concept of self-actualisation and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is an influential theory in psychology, and considered a part of the humanistic approach to personality that tries to determine how people define the self while reaching their highest potential. Expressing one’s creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge, and the desire to give to and positively transform society are examples of self-actualisation.

We believe that many of the ills of modern society relate to a lack of meaning amongst ourselves as individuals. We tend to forget about the bigger picture and of belonging to a world community of people and being part of the ecosystem of our planet. This collection hopes to manifest a reminder of these themes through the forms of jewellery and talismans.

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Lissome; adjective, late 18th century, abbreviation from lithe + -some
Synonyms: gentle, calm, gracious, kind 

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About Lissome (Lead Partner)

Lissome is an international online magazine and creative agency, that advocates a progressive and ethical approach to fashion and lifestyle. Since its launch in spring 2016, it has elevated the notion of sustainability in fashion with its high-quality photography and writing, celebrating the unity of aesthetics and purpose.

The Lissome Team:

Paolo de Jesus, Technical Production

Paolo de Jesus has over 15 years experience as a product designer/developer. He previously worked as the Head of Production at David Gill Gallery in London and was a founding director of design and manufacturing consultancy, We Make Extraordinary Objects. He is now based Berlin and has setup a practice to help people, companies and organisations with their creative endeavours as well as an outlet for his own creative projects.

Paolo de Jesus and Dörte Lange.

Paolo de Jesus and Dörte Lange.

Dörte Lange, Creative Direction

Dörte has 10 years experience working as an award-winning communication designer and creative director for boutiques design studios, magazines, and fashion and lifestyle clients in Berlin, London, Lisbon, and Munich. She is an expert and passionate advocate for sustainable fashion and in the last three years, she created the esteemed mindful fashion publication Lissome and set up a series of events on sustainability in fashion. She is now based in Berlin.


Target Market 

Our target audience builds upon Lissome’s already existing audience base of mindful millennials — curious, cultured, and caring individuals between the age of 25 to 35plus, that are united by a mindset rather than by geography or gender. Millennials are digital natives because they have grown up experiencing digital technology and have known it all their lives. According to the Strauss–Howe generational theory, they are a “civic-minded” generation with a strong sense of community both local and global and a deep desire to make the world a better place.

We will communicate this new sub-brand through our online channels and make the jewellery available through the Lissome online store and various curated outlets. For our audience, the jewellery pieces will provide a daily reminder to the importance of thinking mindfully about our individual purpose in relation to the natural world.


Sustainability is at the core of Lissome’s brand mission and we have outlined our own set of sustainability guidelines

Ethical and Fair Trade

Ethical and Fair Trade

Eco-friendly Production

Eco-friendly Production

Circular Through Recycling

Circular Through Recycling

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Our project is innovative as we seek to use modern 3D printing technology in combination with setting up an ethical and sustainable supply chain using only small scale suppliers that are committed to protecting communities and the environment, promoting fair trade and defending human rights. 

Integral to this project is the partnering up with a jewellery foundry that produces in an ethical and sustainable manner. We will only work with recycled metals, silver and brass, because of the devastating effect of mining on the environment. To this end we will be partnering with a supplier that works with traceable metals that are 100% recycled. Ethical Metalsmiths, Earth Works, and No Dirty Gold are three different environmental and anti-mining organisations that provide the information and assistance that will guide us.

3-D Printing and lost-wax casting

3-D Printing and lost-wax casting

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Our collection will use a combination of modern 3D printing technology and the traditional artisan jewellery making technique of ‘lost wax’ casting. By using 3D printed wax, we will be able to control with tremendous precision, the size shape and form of the jewellery via 3D design software (CAD). Once the shapes are finalised and confirmed, the 3D computer model is then printed in wax thereby creating a pattern to be used for casting in the desired precious metal. Using this technology also allows for custom personalised pieces made to fit each individual perfectly. 


Mood Board

A talisman or charm is any object intended to bring good luck and protection to its owner. They are often worn as a necklace or pendant and have been used in folklore in all parts of the world and throughout history. 

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Testing the process with regards to 3D printing wax masters:

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Why should the Worth Partnership Project support our idea?

Since our foundation, Lissome’s core mission has been about elevating the notion of sustainability in fashion by uniting aesthetics and purpose. We believe that the Worth Partnership Project should support our idea as it seeks to create an example of how small businesses can create and manufacture while still respecting, prioritising and striving for the fundamentals of human and environmental well-being on our planet. 

By creating a sustainable jewellery brand under the auspices of Lissome, we aim to promote change that leads to responsible production and supply chain transparency — we want to not only lead by advocacy but also by example.

We’ve developed a concept, conducted comprehensive research into how to setup an ethical supply chain, and tested the process with regards to 3D printing wax masters. The Worth Partnership Project will help us to move forward by allowing us to develop a cohesive capsule collection and launch the new jewellery sub-brand. The project will further enhance Lissome’s brand, adding another income stream to the business, and we hope to establish a long term business partnership as an outcome.


Worth Partnership Project Presentation / Lissome

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