about lissome

Attention, respect, and care form the
essence of true style.
— Dörte Lange

LISSOME is a curated online platform dedicated to unique and high-quality mindful fashion and lifestyle. It is created for fashion lovers who seek to make ethical choices without having to compromise on quality or style. Our passion is finding independent designers of great talent who produce with integrity and care. In our choices, we follow a transparent set of social and environmental guidelines and bring together a sophisticated range of independent and one-of-a kind conscious products and brands.

In the last years, there has been a rising awareness of the negative impacts of the fashion industry. We can now see the once invisible thread that connects our garments to environmental destruction, waste and unethical working conditions. This leaves us at a crossroad and we must reassess our relationship with our clothes. It’s our aim to provide an alternative for the fashion industry based on human and environmental wellbeing. We want to empower small and medium size brands who care, and champion diversity and a plurality of voices. At LISSOME, we’ve created a space where you will find carefully selected brands with an authentic and transparent story behind them. Moreover, the knowledge and inspiration of meaningful people and ideas will help you navigate through the complex fashion landscape and bring mindfulness into your style. 



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Dörte Lange started to manifest the idea of LISSOME in March 2016. In her previous career as an art director and editorial designer for boutique design agencies in Berlin, Lisbon and London, and for well-known publications such as ELLE Magazine and ELLE Decoration in Munich, she was exposed to the faced-paced environment of fashion and fashion media for close to a decade. She built LISSOME inspired by style as well as sustainability, based on the belief that the future of fashion must include social and environmental responsibility as a matter of course. 



Dörte Lange
Founder and Creative Director