We’ve created Lissome as a space for mindful thinking and being in fashion, lifestyle, and design.
— Dörte Lange, Founder



We believe that fashion is an important cultural tool of expression – to highlight and contradict status and power, to transport new ideas and to make social changes visible. At its best, fashion is inclusive and diverse, liberating and empowering, conscious and kind. With The Lissome, we are creating a platform that celebrates the meaning and connectivity that fashion can bring to our lives by: 

a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and praising innovative, long-lasting, and meaningful design by featuring the brilliant work of forward-thinking designers and conscious fashion pioneers. 

Shining a light on
how to make sustainable choices by creating an understanding of the lifecycle of items: from choice of materials and production conditions to repair, reuse, and recycling. 

to consume profoundly less but profoundly better by slowing down, being mindful, and building connections with what we buy. 

female talent and ethnic diversity, and a love for being ourselves, no more, no less.



We embrace change and believe that slowing down consumption must be part of it. What captures our imagination is the opportunities that a social and technological progress could hold: We could produce profoundly less but profoundly better. We could make planned obsolescence obsolete. In the future, all goods could be designed as smart, well-functioning and beautiful objects of desire that are long-lasting, easily repairable, non-toxic, and recyclable.

We could establish a worldwide industrial system that enhances biodiversity and is integrated with the earth’s ecology. And we could seek to better all people’s lives by focusing on distributing goods and resources fairly. It might sound utopian but we think that these are some of the big ideas that we need to talk about. For a powerful and systemic change to succeed, we need creativity, collaboration, and daring beauty. We believe that designers must play a key role, and that the fashion industry could become a harbinger of that change. 



 Dörte Lange, photographed by  Bella Fenning .

Dörte Lange, photographed by Bella Fenning.


Dörte Lange started to manifest the idea of LISSOME in March 2016 by launching an online magazine, and extended it as an online concept store in June 2017. In her previous career as an art director and communication designer for boutique design agencies in Berlin, Lisbon, and London, and for well-known publications such as ELLE Magazine and ELLE Decoration in Munich, she has been working in the arena of fashion and of fashion media for close to a decade. Dörte built LISSOME inspired by style as well as sustainability, based on the belief that the future of fashion must include social and environmental responsibility as a matter of course. 



Dörte Lange
Founder and Creative Director