Our sustainability


At Lissome, we work with innovative brands who share our values and produce with integrity and care. In our brand and product features, we look for a combination of the following elements – sustainable and healthy materials, fair working conditions, eco-friendly production processes, high-quality and local manufacturing, pre-loved and vintage items, and craftsmanship and handmade goods. When we showcase brands, we inform ourselves about how and where they manufacture and engage with their ethos.

The fashion industry is known for its opaque supply chains where little information is made available to the customer at the moment of purchase, both online and offline. We believe that transparency is key to improving the industry and for all of us to make informed choices. 

With the consultancy of A Transparent Company, we have defined the sustainability guidelines that inform our brand and product selection, and have designed a set of sustainability icons to assist you in navigating through the complex fashion landscape: